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Perverted teen seducing her shrink until fucking is cruel!



Duration:16 min

Added:1 year ago

This girl has problems with sexual addiction. His parents, tired of hearing comments from his family's mouth, decided to send the boy to the psychiatrist to see if his uncle could calm the girl's morbidity a little. The old man is a specialist, has dealt with very serious cases, but never with a beautiful young woman like this. Uncle, when he was studying the girl, I notice how the girl started seducing him to have sex with him. At first the psychiatrist didn't pay attention to him, he was sure he could handle it, but, seeing that the girl was starting to show a little more, and realizing that the girl was very rich, she fell like a fool in front of her. This whore's clutches and ended up fucking with her, further accentuating the sex addiction of this beautiful teenage slut.

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